NEW THIS WEEK: Apparel & Edibles!

New arrivals this week include (1) Children’s Tartan Kiltis, Jumpers, Tams, Hair Accessories; Tartan Tag Blankets for Babies; and the Wee Purse in Canada’s Dark Maple Leaf tartan…

…as well as (2) Steak Pies & Eccles Cakes from Grandpa Jimmy’s:  don’t miss out ~ these seem to just fly out of the freezer!


If ever there was a time to stock up on treats for the trailer, cottage or patio, that time is now! For a limited time and while supplies last, the Wee Shop is offering 30%-off specials on…

(1) Quavers Multi-Packs:  only $4! (reg. $5.75)

(2) Hobnobs:  a mere $4.15! (reg. $5.95)

(3) Jammie Dodgers:  a scant $2.45! (reg. $3.50)

(4) Jelly Babies, Minis:  what?! only 85¢?!? (reg. $1.25)

PLUS! Treat packs already made up for cottage-opening or wherever biscuits & such are oh, so essential! Come and indulge your sweet tooth (and love of a good bargain) at the Wee Shop, open Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Just arrived at Kincardine’s Wee Shop for All Things Scottish! Truly unique hand-made jewellery featuring wave-tumbled sea glass gathered from the shoreline near Kincardine, Scotland:  bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings in aqua, lilac, light lime and cornflower blue sea glass, hand-shaped and set in sterling silver by artisan/jeweller Gaynor Hebden-Smith. These beautiful pieces of wearable art are not available anywhere else in North America ~ they are created especially for our Wee Shop and shipped from Gaynor’s studio in Dunfermline, Scotland. Come and see this  beautiful array!