Old School or Hip Dad? Father’s Day Inspiration @ The Wee Shop!

Father’s Day has rolled around once again, and if you need help with a gift idea, The Wee Shop is here to help:  below, our Father’s Day Primer, whether he’s Old School or Hip Dad!


More ideas in-store:  how about a gift pack of his favourite treats, perhaps with Irn-Bru topping the list? Just the right refreshment after an evening of whisky-tasting:  Irn-Bru is known as Scotland’s Other National Drink!


… OR …luxurious Imperial Leather soap with its ‘manly’ fragrance of birch oil … This product dates back to 1768, when Russian Count Orlof commissioned a perfume from Bayley’s of Bond Street in London. The perfume was named Eau de Cologne Imperiale Russe, drawing upon the distinctive aroma of high-quality Russian leather with its birch oil fragrance. In 1938, Cussons Sons & Co. used the original perfume to create Imperial Russian Leather, later renamed Imperial Leather ~ highly promoted during World War II as the best choice for the war effort, since it lasted longer than other soaps. “One of the few luxuries still available to the discriminating.” That’s its history ~ but the subtle aroma reminiscent of saddling up in the stable can still work its magic in modern times!

Or perhaps the pinnacle of gifts:  his own kilt in Scottish National tartan! An amazing price ~ while supplies last!

Giant Kilt Sale!

Regular-sized kilts also available ~ haha! Here’s your chance to rock a top-quality, authentic Scottish kilt for an incredible price:  come to the Wee Shop Mon-Sat, 10-3, and find your best fit — or surprise yer auld Da with what might be the best (and best-value) Father’s Day gift of all time!

NEW THIS WEEK: Apparel & Edibles!

New arrivals this week include (1) Children’s Tartan Kiltis, Jumpers, Tams, Hair Accessories; Tartan Tag Blankets for Babies; and the Wee Purse in Canada’s Dark Maple Leaf tartan…

…as well as (2) Steak Pies & Eccles Cakes from Grandpa Jimmy’s:  don’t miss out ~ these seem to just fly out of the freezer!


If ever there was a time to stock up on treats for the trailer, cottage or patio, that time is now! For a limited time and while supplies last, the Wee Shop is offering 30%-off specials on…

(1) Quavers Multi-Packs:  only $4! (reg. $5.75)

(2) Hobnobs:  a mere $4.15! (reg. $5.95)

(3) Jammie Dodgers:  a scant $2.45! (reg. $3.50)

(4) Jelly Babies, Minis:  what?! only 85¢?!? (reg. $1.25)

PLUS! Treat packs already made up for cottage-opening or wherever biscuits & such are oh, so essential! Come and indulge your sweet tooth (and love of a good bargain) at the Wee Shop, open Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



Just arrived at Kincardine’s Wee Shop for All Things Scottish! Truly unique hand-made jewellery featuring wave-tumbled sea glass gathered from the shoreline near Kincardine, Scotland:  bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings in aqua, lilac, light lime and cornflower blue sea glass, hand-shaped and set in sterling silver by artisan/jeweller Gaynor Hebden-Smith. These beautiful pieces of wearable art are not available anywhere else in North America ~ they are created especially for our Wee Shop and shipped from Gaynor’s studio in Dunfermline, Scotland. Come and see this  beautiful array!