Heather Knight’s HAND-SEWN APPAREL

Tartan tag blankets for babies, children’s clothing, tams and hair accessories all beautifully made by Nova Scotia seamstress Heather Knight expressly for Kincardine’s Wee Shop for All Things Scottish.

Kiltis and kilted jumpers in washable, easy-care, fine-quality polyester viscose in the following tartans:  Blackwatch (classic dark green and navy), Royal Stewart (famous regal red), RCAF (soft blue and purple) and Ontario’s original tartan inspired by the Provincial Coat of Arms:  (1) yellow for the maple leaves on a green background, (2) red from the Cross of St. George, (3) black symbolizing the bear and (4) brown for the moose and deer.

Fine finishing includes fringes, kilt pins and Aitken Pewter buttons with Celtic design.

Meticulous detail and finishing on Heather Knight’s tartan tams and kilted jumpers
Tartan hair accessories co-ordinate with Heather Knight kiltis and kilted jumpers; these feature Ontario’s original provincial tartan.









Babies’ tartan tag blankets (in Blackwatch, RCAF, Ontario and Canada’s Dark Maple Leaf tartan) feature fleece backing and ‘tags’ of co-ordinating ribbons, tassels and fringes for the enjoyment of infants who delight in exploring the varied shapes and textures.

Brand new to the Wee Shop is the Wee Purse in a ‘collage’ of Canada’s Dark Maple Leaf tartan and co-ordinating wool blend and assorted fabrics. The Wee Purse (measuring 6″ x 8″) features Celtic embroidery and a genuine Aitkens Pewter button; the cord strap is hand-crocheted (52″) and can be looped or tied to your desired length. Add a wee bit of style to your wardrobe with Heather Knight’s Wee Purse!

Heather Knight’s custom-tailored tea dresses for women are also available:  come in for a fitting and, in short order, model a tartan gown made especially for you!