Fine accessories to complete your Highland garb:  sgian dubhs, sporrans, belts and buckles, fly plaid and kilt pins — along with, of course, complete formal Scottish attire including custom-made kilts plus shirts, waistcoats, hose, flashes, brogues and bonnet. The Kincardine Scottish Shop can fully outfit you from head to toe!

Tartan Ties ~ Nothing says “I’m Scottish” as much as a tartan tie:  more than 700 clan colours and patterns available, in dress, modern and ancient. A superior Scottish import, finely woven of 100% wool in 10 oz. weight.

Also available are Tartan Scarves of 100% Scottish Lambswool, as well as elegant Tartan Tie-weight Scarves; these make a wonderful gift for every member of your family.

Sgian Dubhs and kilt pins to suit every style
Tartan ties of 100% Scottish Lambswool; name your clan and we will order especially for you!






Fly Plaid Pins bearing ancient Celtic symbols of eternal knots and other motifs





Browse our selection; we can also order items of regalia to exactly suit your taste and clan traditions.

Clan Crest Cap Badges
Distinctive sgian dubhs and classic sporrans